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Scheduling Allows Students to Choose Their Future


There are a few reasons why March is one of the biggest months for a student; Spring Break and March Madness being the more obvious reasons, but also scheduling for students for the upcoming year takes place. While current seniors do not have to sit down and plan their schedules out for college until the summer, rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors still have to undergo mapping out their future with classes.

“We started with prescheduling which took place on March 2nd and we should be done with scheduling the rising juniors and seniors by March 25th, then we pick back up with scheduling the rising sophomores after Spring Break,” counselor, April Ford, said.

The school offers many classes ranging from Biology, English, and History, which offers Honors and AP classes, to Theatre, Engineering, and Foreign Language classes. There are, however, classes that are required before a student graduates, which includes Government, Economics and Personal Finance, and Health and Physical Education.

“My advice to [rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors] would be to, first, make sure to get all of the classes needed for graduation and also choose classes that are relevant to what [a student] wants to do after high school,” Ford said.

Scheduling gives students the responsibility of choosing their classes; a responsibility that is not given to students in elementary or middle school.

“As high schoolers, I believe that the reason [students] are given that responsibility is because they should be responsible enough to choose classes that will help them in the long run,” Ford said.

Students are encouraged to choose classes that reflect their post-secondary education, while also choosing classes that may be fun or of interest.

“My least favorite class in high school was Math. I mean, I did okay, I just didn’t like it. My favorite classes were English and Dual Enrollment Anatomy and Physiology when the class was available,” Ford said.

Though scheduling takes place once in the school year, students should already be planning their classes well before the month of March.

“It’s never too early to start thinking about post-secondary plans so schedules can really reflect where a student is going [after high school].” Ford said.

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