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Scholastic Journalism Week


Scholastic Journalism Week took place on February 21-27, 2016, and gave journalists at our school the opportunity to showcase the importance of the media and the role it takes in the student body.

Chris Waugaman, the advisor to all three media staffs, took time to teach students about the history of the media, and how that has shaped who we are today.

“The history of journalism is important because it coincides with the history of the United States,” Waugaman said. “I think a lot of the events that have happened would have gone unnoticed, had there not been a free working press available.”

In addition to learning the history of the press, students also went around to several classes to encourage students to take yearbook, newspaper, or PGTV as one of their electives the following year.

“People should take a journalism class because it is such a hands on experience,” said senior Daniel Puryear, business and managing editor of the newspaper. “We are all so used to just sitting in an uncomfortable desk, getting lectured, and expected to be completely silent. Journalism classes allow you to pull from the creativity of multiple minds in an actual group setting.”

Members of each staff came together to create a board in the A-wing hallway that stated the favorite story they have reported on.

“My favorite story that I have written was my Breast Cancer Awareness story in October of my first year in newspaper class,” said Puryear. “I really loved my interview of Jordan Nase who had mutiple family members affected by breast cancer and one pass away from it. I also loved this story because my mom had breast cancer along with my two aunts. It’s really nice to be able to get a story that involves a passionate student.”

The three journalism staffs at the school produce award-winning work that has been nationally recognized. Scholastic Journalism Week honors those who have spent their high school careers dedicated in the world of media.

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