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Students Apply Love of Teams To Year Long Record Of Statistics


At the beginning of the football season the students of the ID (Individuals with Disabilities) program started a NFL statistics board. The board consists of all 32 NFL teams and their statistics.

By utilizing the Football Stats Board it allows the students to gather together in a social atmosphere and discuss a topic that interests each of them. It allows for team building as well as debates in regards to teams favored by the students. The board also keeps them up to date on their favorite team.

The activity gives the students a social outlet in which to be involved in topics where they can relate to one another. It provides a means to improve social skills while also helping teach that each person has their own opinion on topics, and their opinions should be valued.
Each week paraprofessional Kippy Lundy, along with several of the ID students including senior Treyvon Brown update the board on the team’s wins and losses.

Before updating the board the students utilize internet websites such as the official National Football League website,, to locate current team statistics. This allows the students to be up to date on all game wins and losses, even games which were not broadcasted throughout the week.

The Football Statics Board began last year at the beginning of football season with the help of three students and has now become a seasonal event which will be continued for years to come.

“The class has a great interest in football especially the guys, some of the girls also show interest especially when the guys started talking about the games. So we thought it would be a good idea to keep track of the team’s records. This lead to the concept of the statistics board and from there we began to pulling it all together,” Lundy said.

The NFL board is the first time the students have ventured into working together on a class activity of this nature. So far it seems to be going really well and everyone of the students is participating.

“While working on the board the kids have a lot of fun cheering for their favorite teams,” Lundy said.

This has become a fun way to keep the students interest in tact and build upon their communication skill sets.

While student Treyvon Brown said, “My favorite part of the board is adding the stats at the beginning of the week and rooting for my favorite team the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

Many of the students cheer for rival teams making the debates in regards to the team’s fun and exciting.
It makes for a great ice breaker at the beginning of the week and involves a foundation for exploring statistics in a fun environment by utilizing a subject that the students are interested in.

By Mr. Lundy being involved in the statistics board and the fun behind it definitely aids in building a positive rapport with the students.
With the success of the Football Statics Board within the ID classroom itself and football being one of America’s past times, it may be logical to consider utilizing this concept throughout the high school itself. Many students watch football, play football, and are involved in football games such as fantasy for example.

This project is a way to bring students together, open the lines of communication between students in a fun and educational way. This would also be a great way to have the teachers and students interact with one another in way that sets forth a positive atmosphere and builds positive teacher-student relationships.

“I think the kids really enjoy doing the board and changing the statistic every week,” Lundy said.

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