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    Teen Toy Drive Collects Over 900 Items


    The PGHS Teen Toy Drive collected over 900 items to give to the teens at VCU Children’s Hospital who would have to spend Christmas in a hospital bed. This second annual event was sponsored by Allison Heath and the SGA senior class.

    “So many of these drives focus on little kids and teenagers sort of get left out, not intentionally, but teenagers are in the hospital at Christmas, too,” said Heath. “We decided to make it strictly for teenagers.”

    Focusing on gifts for teens, students and faculty members contributed to the drive by purchasing items and then turning in their gift to the library by December 14th.

    “We collect money to buy gift cards and send students to go shopping with the rest of the money we raised,” said government teacher Vicki Hale. “We bring it in to the school and take it all to the library for Ms. Heath and the SGA senior class to package it and get it to MCV.”

    Sponsors of the event traveled to VCU Children’s Hospital on December 17th to drop off the gifts.

    “[Last year] we were able to meet the doctors at Massey Cancer Center, which was really cool and they were very moved and even cried,” said Heath.

    This event is held in remembrance of Quinlan Steele Thomas who lost his battle against leukemia in August 2014.


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