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    Introducing Acappela App

    Tia Taylors Acapella video posted to instagram
    Tia Taylor’s Acapella video posted to instagram

    The Acapella App is sweeping the nation. People from all around the world are using this fun and easy music app. The app is free for any Apple products.

    “My friend from Norway is who introduced me to the Acapella [App],” sophomore, Kiva Brazier, said.  “He made his own song called ‘She Says She’s a Monster’ and it was super funny. Since then I’ve been watching other Acapella videos on Instagram.”

    To make an Acapella video you simply choose your layout, record and you are ready to share. There are many layouts to choose from that make it easy to combine different sounds to make a music video.

    “It’s really cool that you can record multiple videos at once and combine them to make a song,” sophomore, Jacob Heyliger, said.

    Although apps, such as Smule, can also help you express yourself in a musical way, the Acapella app allows you to create your own beat by humming, tapping and beatboxing. Each box contains a video with a different sound. This makes it easy for people to create either their original song or recreate a popular song of their choice.

    “The app lets people add a bunch of squares together and make a bunch of faces with noise and make a video,”  junior, Kethya Coleman, said.  “They’re all really funny and fun to make.”

    While some users use the Acapella app for a more serious effect, others use it just for the fun of seemingly fighting with each other. Whether it is from a serious viewpoint, or a funny one, people find them both very enjoyable.

    “I watched the movies Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 previously in my life and I liked those a lot, so seeing [Acapella video], I thought it was cool,” Heyliger said.

    Although it was two major movies that introduced Heyliger to the Acapella App, most people have been introduced through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

    “The first video I saw was on Facebook,” sophomore, Tia Taylor, said. “The outline made it really stand out from my timeline. It doesn’t look like any other videos I have seen on Facebook so I wanted to watch it.”

    YouTube stars, such as Twaimz, also enjoy this app by singing hit songs like ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’, sung by the cast of High School Musical, ‘Hello’ by Adele, and his own song called, ‘The Llama Song” with a total amount of 190,000 likes on YouTube. What really brings attention to this app other than its layout, is how fun it is. More than 4/5 of those surveyed agree that this app is amusing and entertaining.

    “It’s really cool that you can make music videos with the Acapella App. It’s cool that you can take your time on something and make a really good video,” Taylor said. “The videos I’ve seen looked so fun that I wanted to try it out so I downloaded it. I love using this app. I’m glad I downloaded it.”

    Even if someone does not have the app the videos made by the Acapella app are enjoyed by teens everywhere.

    “People like to sing, everyone likes to sing. They might not be good at it but everyone likes to sing. I don’t think there are people who dislike singing,” Heyliger said. “There are no people who sing and regret it later. That’s why people like this app because singing is just fun.”

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