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    Basketball Profile: Asante Turner

    As four year old Asante Turner plays a game of basketball, little does he know that his talents will take him to the varsity basketball team. Now a senior, Asante Turner looks back on the beginning of his basketball career and remembers where it all began.

    “My dad inspired me to play basketball by watching him play and by seeing the amount of energy that he put into the sport “, Turner Said.

    In more details, seeing the love and appreciation that Asante’s father had for basketball made a difference in Asante’s life. Without his father as a source of inspiration, Asante wouldn’t have aspired to play basketball. 

    “In the future tense, I am looking forward to the rest of this season. I am looking forward to the rest of our games and practices. Most of all, I am excited for the Christmas Tournament”, Senior Asante Turner said.

    In further details, Asante wants to end his last season at PGHS on a good note. Turner loves the adrenaline that pumps throughout his body when playing games and tournaments.  Asante wishes to dominate at the Christmas Tournament and show off his many skills.

    “On a more personal note, I’m going to miss high school basketball, especially going on the road and traveling with my teammates”, Turner said.

    In depth, Asante is also going to miss the close bonds he has with his teammates.  After all, they have become one big basketball family. In further details, one of his favorite memories with his team is when they beat Petersburg for the first time at Petersburg High School.

    “After high school, I wish to get a scholarship and go to college and play basketball. I don’t have a particular college that I’m dead set on going to; it’s whichever one accepts me”, Turner said.

    Although Asante does not have a particular college that he wants to go to, he still aspires to go to college and play basketball. Asante has many dreams that he wishes to pursue in life. For Asante, the sky is  the limit, it’s just the beginning.

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