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Seniors Miss Out On Home Field Advantage


This school year the football team has only four home games. They have usually encountered six home games for several years. Changes in the schedule has interfered with the twelve year streak.

“We have been blessed to have six to seven home games [every year] for twelve years,” Athletic Director Bill Russell said.

Scheduling this year has made it difficult for the royals to play their usual six games at home. However, next school year they will be going back to their traditional six.

“It is just the way the schedule works out, picking up new teams in the cycle,” Assistant Athletic Director Hezekiah Butler said.

Because the varsity football team has four home games, the junior varsity football team now has the opportunity to gain experience and have more enjoyment playing on home grounds. The JV team will play at home six times this school year.

“When Varsity plays home on Fridays, the Junior Varsity plays away on Wednesdays, the Junior Varsity will have six home games instead of the usual four this school year,” Russell said.

Playing at home has its advantages. It is  more comfortable to the team and for their fans.

“You always like to play at home, but good teams adjust, home or away,” Russell said.

Attending home games are traditional to some students and their family. Many people were looking forward to going to the six home games this school year. Some were even shocked to hear about the lack of home games. Friday nights will not be the same for a number of students.

“I was kind of disappointed because the football games are a part of my senior year and I want to do everything this school year,” Ashlyn Hagee said.

Instead of going to the football games, a few will socialize and enjoy the company of friends in different environments. A select few may even work or stay at home.

“I will probably hang out with my friends or work,” Hagee said.

While other students are working some may be sleeping.

“I will go out with my friends or maybe even get my sleep in,” Avian Coleman said.

Not only are the students and the Royals fans affected by this, but also the football players. For seniors this will be the last high school football season.

“This hurts my heart because it is senior year,” Malik Gurley said. “You want your home to see you play more than four times.”

Although some players are emotional this will not affect how the team will play. They will still strive to do their best and come out on top.

“We are still going to play for each other and play our hardest,” Gurley said.

Another group affected by this is the Marching Royals. They will not be able to set up concession stands at the away games which helps financial wise.

“We are going to lose money because of the concession stands but we may do really well during the four games we have,” band teacher Michael Warnock said.

But the four home games will not be the last time you hear the vibrant sounds of the Marching Royals. The band will be able to follow the team around unless they are instructed not to do so by the home team.

“We are going to five away games as long as the home team allows us and are not doing anything special those nights,” Warnock said.

Despite the scheduling this school year, the Varsity football team will play hard whether they are away or at home.

“We play where we play,” Butler said.

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