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    Seniors Dominate Spirit Week


    Spirit Week took place the week of October 19th-23rd, leading up to the Homecoming dance which was held on October 24th from 8 PM to 11 PM in the school commons.

    Photos by: April Buckles and Chance Thweatt

    The days included Battered Opponent Day, Nike/Jordan Day, Duo Day, Match Your Wall day, and Green and Gold day. Match Your Wall Day required sophomores, juniors, and seniors to show support for their grade. Each grade was a different music genre which included Rock and Roll for sophomores, EDM for juniors, and Hip Hop for seniors.

    “I liked Match Your Wall Day the best because most of the seniors participated; I also liked how the concept of Hip Hop Day was broad and everybody looked good,” Senior Cydnei Figures-Mormon said.

    Along with dressing up to show school spirit, students also decorated their walls, developed skits, and participated in the pep rally in hopes to win the spirit stick.

    “It’s not really about winning the spirit stick to me, it’s about who had the most fun. I had a good time participating in spirit week almost everyday. I loved the pep rally because I got to play in the band,” Junior Kayla Shafer said.

    IMG_3188During the pep rally, seniors were announced to be the winners of the wall decorations, skit, and pep rally, which awarded them the spirit stick.

    “I was excited because we’ve won the spirit stick every year since sophomore year. It was a great way to end the week,” Senior Markeisha Young said.

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