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Ramsey Returns to Push Team to Regionals


In team sports, the importance of having a good relationship with your teammates is downplayed often. Yes, every good team fights and has disagreements, but when it comes time to focus they know when to buckle down and support each other. Being close with one’s team members is proven to help the team succeed.

The golf team has just finished their regular season with a 10-4 record, and the return of senior Evan Ramsey has been one of the main reasons why.

“Our team chemistry is great. Five of the top six are seniors and we all know each other well; it’s a great combination,” Ramsey said. “We have a solid top six that will definitely do well in our upcoming conference tournament.”

Evan Ramsey from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

Ramsey lived in Prince George and moved to Illinois about four years ago, and has returned in time for his senior year. He and some members of the golf team have known each other for over a decade, are close friends, and have a bond that is only built through time. Being able to return for a last run with his teammates and friends is something that has inspired them all to play well.

“I think my return has helped propel us to new levels,” Ramsey said. “I always try and push the guys so we can always show our best effort, and because of our hard work as a team, we recently won our last game of the season and were able to finish our regular season on a high note. I have a lot of confidence in our team and I’m sure we can go out and win conference together.”

Senior Wesley Warren occupies one of the six top spots in the rotation, and acknowledges that Ramsey’s return has been a big factor in the golf team’s performance this year.

“Evan’s return has helped build our structure. Without him we wouldn’t have posted such low scores, and played so well. He’s basically elevated our team to much better standards. This team is a family; we know, love, and support each other, and we have confidence in our abilities. I trust this team. I can always count on my teammates to come in with good scores; they’re always reliable,” Warren said.

The talent that this team has been reflected in their record, and they will get another chance to show it on Mon., Oct. 5th at the regional tournament. One thing that the team doesn’t have to worry about is their confidence in each other, and that’s evident in their words.

“I’ve known Evan for 14 years; he was my best friend before he left, and it’s good to have him back. Now that he is here and we are all playing so well, this is probably the best team we have had in a decade,” Warren said.

Golf head coach Earl Burton has coached the team this season and agrees that Ramsey’s return has positively impacted the season.

“Since he’s moved back he’s been one of our best players. It’s been such a plus to have a player of Evan’s talent come in; he’s one of the top players in our conference. We’ve got four seniors who are very even, and he’s made us so much stronger having a quality player like him come in and add to the rotation,” Burton said.

“We have players who have been playing for three or four years together. They have a close bond and are experienced, and it really helps out a lot. Obviously, these players have to have talent – God given talent – but they all still come in and work hard, especially Evan. As a senior, you have a lot of distractions, but this team has done a great job at focusing,” Burton said.

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