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Nicol Predicts Weather


From J.E.J. Moore to Clements and now finally back to the high school, Sandy Nicol, a Biology and Ecology teacher, has ventured through many career paths, subjects, and grades.  

“I have taught at Prince George schools for fifteen years now,”  Nicol said. “I have taught sixth grade science, seventh grade life science, eighth grade physical science, and now high school Biology and Ecology.”

Although most teachers receive formal education then go into teaching, Nicol received her Masters at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) then went into the research field.

“I did research with the American Tobacco company and also some research in pharmaceuticals and fuel additives for ten years prior to teaching,”  Nicol said.

Although some may see it as a strange transition, the move to teaching was not mainly through her change of interest.

“With the economy downfall and constant layoffs,  I needed a more secure job placement,”  Nicol explained.

With her multiple changes in school grades and schools within the county, Nicol has been able to experience students in multiple settings and ages.

“I remember this one student that I taught in 7th grade science who was very immature at the time,”  Nicol said.  “I ended up teaching him again in high school and he apologized for his immaturity and said he had grown up along the years.”

Nicol has been through multiple school systems and college programs which give her a unique ability.

“I got my bachelors in Biology at Radford, my masters in Chemistry at VCU, and I am attending [James Madison University] for education leadership,”  Nicol said.  “I am endorsed as a middle school teacher and a high school teacher.”

Nicol was raised in Prince George but attended a private school in Hopewell called West End. She has a daughter that is at Radford in the same sorority that Nicol was in. Nicol also has a special ability unlike most.

“I have had my knee replaced so if you want to know when we are going to have a snow storm come see me,” Nicol said.

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