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Holc Aspires to Do Great Things


When students graduate and are long gone they will look back and not only remember fond memories but also their favorite teachers.

Raven Holc is a Prince George alumni and after years of working on her teaching skills, she has returned to teach future graduates and hopes to inspire them. Holc has multiple inspirations but the two who had the biggest impact on her career so far are her husband, who worked while she attended college to finish her degree, and her mother, who inspired her to teach by connecting with students and being able to discuss important topic with them.

“Watching my mom teach and watching her interact with her students, and the things she gets to discuss on a daily basis inspired me to [teach] too.”

Holc played soccer during her student days and, as part of the 2015 faculty, she has become the girls soccer Varsity assistant coach. As the assistant coach, her job entitles her to help the girls run drills, plan for the opponent, and help motivate them to go out and perform at their highest level.

Although Holc is a new teacher at Prince George, she hopes to achieve a lot before she gets close to retirement.

Since getting a college education is important to Holc, she hopes that she can inspire her students to seek higher learning and run into them later in life whether they are successful in sports, academics, or become a successful person in the corporate world.

“I just think connecting with students and seeing them achieve things outside of high school, like running into them later and seeing them do the things they want to do is nice.” Holc said.

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