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Runner Brandon Evans Uses Indoor Track As Alternative

Junior Brandon Evans practices his 800 meter outside of organized practice. Photo by Tiana Whaley.
Junior Brandon Evans practices his 800 meter outside of organized practice. Photo by Tiana Whaley.

Brandon Evans walks up to the starting line and gets down into the three-point stance. He waits for the sound of the starting gun. When the sound comes he pushes off his back leg and takes off down his lane.

Evans is a junior on the indoor track team. Evans has been a part of the indoor and outdoor track teams since last January.

“I have been running track since the eighth grade, and running track at Prince George since I got here,” Evans said.

Evans decided on running track through a process of elimination. Evans recognized that while he was not the best at other sports, but he was fast.

“I joined track because I was not good at any other sports. Like in basketball, I could run up and down the court without getting tired, but I could not shoot. In football I could run down the field, but I could not catch the ball,” Evans said.

Evans recognized his limitations in sports, but instead of dwelling on what he could not do, he focused on what he could. Evans runs mid distance and long distance events.

“I run the 400 meter dash, the 800 meter dash, and the mile,” Evans said.

Like other athletes, Evans enjoys improving at his sport and winning.

“My favorite moment from track was getting first place in the 400 meter during my sophomore year in outdoor track,” Evans said.

Evans is a military child, and therefore has been forced to move around the country throughout the years. In this, Evans has been introduced to many different teams and different coaching methods.

“I like how the coach does not use favoritism. He gives everyone a [fair] chance, but in my old school you had to be the coach’s favorite,” Evans said.

On February 4, some members of the indoor track team competed in a conference meet. There were six teams competing in the conference meet. The top six from individual races move to the regional competition and the top three from relay races move on to the regional competition. Evans qualified for conferences, but did not make it to the regional meet, however he is not disappointed.

“I feel like I have improved [during the year]. I made it to conferences, and maybe next year I will make it to the regional meet,” Evans said.

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