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Basketball Profile: Mikale Harris Builds Team Chemistry

Mikale Harris cites the team chemistry as a reason for their potential success. Photo by Matteo Reed.
Mikale Harris cites the team’s friendly dynamic as a reason for their potential success. Photo by Matteo Reed.

Schoolyard sounds echoed as a young boy ran across a basketball court, dribbling a ball while his friends chased after him, large smiles brightening their faces.

That boy was junior Mikale Harris, a starter for his high school basketball team. Harris has been playing since he was eight years old with friends that he has grown up with.

“Hard work and dedication [got me where I am now],” Harris said.

As a power forward, Harris tries to get rebounds and typically scores from about six feet away from the basket. Harris wants to play professionally and says he would play anywhere.

“[If I had the chance, I would play] anywhere,” Harris said.

Harris says that in his mind, fellow starter Quincy Cunningham is the most valuable player.

“He scores in all different ways; he’s very athletic,” Harris said.

He thinks the season will go very well, and he believes that is due to many of the team members being devoted friends.

“[My relationship with the other members is] a good one,” Harris said. “We are close friends.”

Harris thinks that his experience on the team will benefit him in the future.

“[My experience] will teach me a lot. [My advice to players would be] don’t quit, keep working hard no matter what,” Harris said.

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