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Basketball Team Holds First Ever Media Day

IMG_2475Media Day is often used in professional sports for big events like the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals. On Nov. 14, 2014 Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Travis Carr and his team decided to host the first ever Media Day at PGHS. Players and coaches met in the gymnasium to answer questions and take photos before the start of the upcoming basketball season.

This is the first time that any team has organized an event for the press in this manner. Carr began preparing for the event back at the beginning of school.

“We just don’t want to be any type of basketball program,” Carr said. “We want to do something different. We strive to be different in a good way. I want to show these guys you have to be someone special.”

Many members of the recently announced team came from last year’s JV squad, so there is a certain amount of growth that will have to take place this year.

“They’re on a varsity basketball team. This may be the highest level they ever play,” Carr said. “I want it to be special for them. The attention they get is the attention they deserve.”

Involving the media with your team lets the media know more about not only the school but the athletes that represent it.

“They’re going to repay the school and the way they treat people and the way they act in the hallways. It’s a good experience for everybody.”

Carr believes that this day has a greater purpose than just a day for fun photos.

“Media Day is for the school, media outlets, and community go know my team and who they represent,” Carr said. “I want the team to be recognized but I would also like to recognize Mr Waugaman and his class for all they do for the school. I think its a good opportunity got those guys to have a little professionalism.”

Chris Waugaman is the adviser to PGTV News (broadcast), Peerage (yearbook), and also The Royal News (newspaper). His journalism students, along with Hopewell News reporter Ryan Lazo, were among those in attendance.

“The students involve themselves. This school loves basketball. They love getting into it,” Carr said. “I don’t need a gimmick to get them here. They love the sport. We put on a show and they love it.”

One other new aspect to the season is the much talked about new uniforms that were put on display through a post on Twitter.

“We have these new gold blooded socks.We bleed gold and the whole school bleeds gold.We are going to wear them and the students want to be part of the team so I have no problem getting them the socks. The socks will be sold in The George. There is no price on gold blood.”

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