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    New Co-Principals Share Position


    co-pNew co-principals Pete Fisher and Mike Nelson enter the new school year learning how to share their role. Fisher had worked previously as principal of N.B. Clements Junior High School and Nelson was assistant principal at the high school.

    What college did you attend and what certifications did you obtain?

    Fisher: I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Education from VCU. I am endorsed to teach Social Sciences 7-12, endorsed in Supervision of Instruction K-12, and endorsed in School Administration K-12.

    Nelson: I attended the College of William and Mary and initially graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history. I have my teaching license in social studies, [as well as] a master’s degree in administration and supervision from VCU.

    What changes are you interested in bringing to PGHS?
    Fisher: I want to build on the existing stellar reputation of Prince George High School. I want to work together with faculty and staff to do what is necessary to ensure that our students are truly college and career ready when they graduate.

    Nelson: The biggest change I would like to see would be to encourage and help out at-risk students and to make sure the new teachers will stay with us and get better.

    Do you feel having Co-Principals is a good thing? If so, why?

    Fisher: Yes. Any organizational structure that lends itself to increased collaboration and cooperation is a good thing; it allows for the collision of ideas and it allows one to reach beyond their own grasp.

    Nelson: It’s a great idea. We talk about teachers and students collaborating so it’s a great example for the teachers and students. Also [we are] teaching teamwork.

    With so many teachers and staff recently retiring, how can you make sure the new faculty grows close and obtains a certain chemistry to help this year go smoothly?

    Fisher: By providing them with structured and ongoing support and guidance.

    Nelson: [We will] continue to encourage the staff to continue the welcoming environment that [we have]. Pete Fisher and I want all the teachers to be successful and [we] don’t want anyone to feel like they have to do it alone.

    What are you most excited about for the 2014-2015 school year?

    Fisher: The opportunity to positively impact the lives of students that I had the honor to welcome to Clements as 8th graders and now have the privilege to help guide through high school.

    Nelson: To see what amazing things the students will accomplish this school year.

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