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Wounded Warriors


As Junior, Justice Webb, walks out on to the volleyball court for her first game of her junior year, she has no idea that her whole sports career is about to change.

“I was playing in the first game of the season, and as I was coming down from spiking the ball my leg just snapped,” Webb says, “I ended up tearing my ACL and damaging my meniscus.”

Webb was out for the rest of her junior season. The only thing that would bring her back out on the court was therapy. “I had to do therapy for eight months, and we did many exercise to strengthen my knee, but we also did mental exercises that helped me to be more motivated,” Webb says.

Going through an injury like that has many negative factors. “The worst thing about being injured was having to miss out on the feeling of being a part of a team and the family bond that comes with it,” Webb says.

After eight months of physical therapy Webb came back stronger than ever. “I gained a much bigger appreciation for the sport and being able to participate in it,” Webb says.

Out of all the negative things that occurred one positive thing came from it. “Being in physical therapy for eight months, I got a lot stronger, physically and mentally,” Webb says, “The injury actually made me stronger in the end.”

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