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Snowstorm ‘Leon’ creates havoc for school


At 8:05 AM on Tues., Jan. 28, Principal Tracy Smallwood made the announcement that Prince George High School would have early dismissal at 12:30 PM due to developing snow predictions. Other schools have been closing in North Carolina and other southern states, extending to Florida.

Winter storm “Leon” has been developing in the gulf and moving northeast towards Georgia and the Carolinas. The snow predictions for Virginia have ranged from a light dusting to 12”. Different weather stations have all had different predictions as to where the storm will move and how much snow it will bring.

Students are becoming excited for the possibility of school cancellations, but have some reservations if it will affect their vacation time.

“I am excited, but I don’t want to lose my summer break,” sophomore Willow Hart said. “If we get a lot of snow, I plan on going sledding on the road.”

Students are required to have 440 seat hours, or hours that school is in session, for the entire school year, the school board has the right to change the school calendar at anytime in order to make up for days missed. At present time, the school has enough hours banked, but if the weather continues, it could become a problem.

Lite 98 radio station reported that January has had four of the coldest days in the last 100 years. Today will be the seventh day that the High School will be affected by cold weather and snow predictions in the month of January. Recently, the snow has caused school closing Jan. 21 through Jan. 24, resulting in the cancellation of exams.

“I love snow and love that it cancelled exams because they caused a lot of stress,” junior Chaelin Macgruder said. “It practically gave us another Christmas break”

School cancellations will be posted to the Royal News facebook and twitter posts as they occur.


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