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Maintaining Weight During Holidays Means More For Wrestlers


Thanksgiving has ended and Christmas is on the way. The focus of this time of year is primarily on family, shopping, and good foods. As we all know, eating is a major part of the holiday tradition. For most of students this means eating as much as one wants, and sitting back and relaxing with the family. But maybe not for everyone. Wrestlers, for example, have to pay close attention to what and how much they eat during the holidays. This is the rule of thumb for most wrestlers, not all.

Sophomore Jared Davis, has been a wrestler for five years. His diet plan is to eat less and to eat healthy.

“I avoid fatty foods and fast foods on a regular basis,”Davis said.

During the holidays, Davis does not cut back on his food intake.

“It’s only complicated if you have to lose excess weight, otherwise it’s kind of easy,” he said.

On the other hand things are a little different for Sophomore Austin Minton. Minton has been a wrestler for seven years. He does not have a diet plan that he follows. On a regular basis he avoids fast foods.

“The hardest part about avoiding fast food is when my family goes out to get fast food, and I can’t eat it,” He said.

While on break, Minton does not cut back either.

“During the holidays I pig out because I’m close to my weight,” Minton stated, he goes on to say “After I pig out I feel like I have to work a lot harder.”

MInton also said he feels confident doing so.

“It is kind of hard,” He went on to stay.

In Minton’s past he did not maintain his weight class.

The coach for wrestling is Mr. Emory. He has been a wrestling coach for eighteen years, and this is his sixteenth year as head coach. He has only coached here at PGHS. In his past Emory was not a wrestler, since there was not a team. But he still knows the importance and the complications of maintaining your weight class during the holidays.

“It’s important to run during times off everyday, to help maintain conditioning and weight,” Emory said

Coach Emory gives his wrestlers special diet plans they may want to follow.

“For losing weight, small amounts of healthy foods six times per day and drink water. For gaining weight, eat protein like peanut butter, fish, and baked chicken,” Emory stated. He went on to say, “Do conditioning – run, exercise, eat six small portions instead of three large meals.”

Emory always tells his wrestlers, “Exercise and eat smart!”

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