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    Students Apply for Early Admission

    By: Samantha Daniel

    As November approaches, colleges start receiving applications from prospective students. November 1st is the average deadline for early action or early admissions applications. Students who submit their application and other requirements by this deadline have the opportunity to be accepted to college at an earlier date.  After a decision is made, depending on the college, a student can be binded to the school.

    The deadline and the binding quality are the only difference between early admissions and regular admissions. The process is the exact same. The components of the applications just have to be turned in quicker for early admissions.

    Guidance counselor William Havard has assisted numerous students with early admission. Photo by Lindsay Pugh.

    Guidance counselor William Havard and Senior Gwen Dunn both agree that the only disadvantage to early admissions is the deadline.

    “It can sometimes be more stressful with such a close date,” Dunn said.

    There are many positives to outweigh the early deadline.

    Early admissions gives students who know which college they want to attend an opportunity to apply and receive an admission decision earlier. It also gives these students an advantage over other students who would apply regularly.

    “It’s a way of allowing college admission committees to discern that their college is the student’s first school,” Havard said.

    Dunn applied for early admission at the University of North Carolina and VCU’s Guaranteed Admission Program for the Health Sciences because of the advantages she would receive.

    “These two schools are my first choice and there is a greater acceptance rate for early decision,” Dunn said. “In addition, it allows me to know about acceptance earlier and shows that I am committed to that school.”

    Early admissions are becoming more popular among students. Havard approximated that 20-25 members of the Class of 2014 have applied for early admissions.

    “Prince George students have a high success rate,” Havard said.

    Approximately 80% of the students that apply for early admissions at Prince George get an offer.

    Early Admissions does provide advantages but should not be a rash decision because there is such a short amount of time to complete the process.

    “Students have to get their act together early,”  Havard said.

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