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    Social Media Has Negative Impact

    Carolina Bae, 2014, Opinions Editor
    Carolina Bae, 2014, Opinions Editor

    The American Academy of Pediatrics released on Oct. 23 a policy that suggests for parents to limit social media usage for their children to two hours a day at most.

    The policy calls for all kinds of restrictions such as taking electronics out of the bedroom and monitoring what children are viewing. It claims that the excessive use of technology and social media can lead to violence, cyber-bullying, lack of sleep, obesity, and more.

    I cannot agree or disagree with the policy. As a teenager, I love the time I spend watching TV until late at night and going online with my phone. It provides distractions from worldly stresses.

    However, I can see how children succumb to becoming bullies because of the power and anonymity of the internet and how social media can become such a distraction that children forget about their physical health.

    All these things are obvious though. The study does not directly highlight my main concern.

    One of the worst effects of excessive technology is best seen during dinner dates with friends. Everyone gathers around a table, silent because their eyes are glued to their smartphones or to the closest TV showing the football game.

    We are not only at risk of becoming violent and obese, but we are also in danger of failing in our relationships.

    Instead of being eager to hear about a friend’s day, face-to-face, or see his or her joy or anxiety, people are eager to see the latest tweet about a stranger’s random thoughts or filtered picture of a meal that will be there forever.

    That is what people don’t realize. What goes online, stays there forever. People don’t. Accidents happen too often, and the last person you talked to won’t always be there, but that cat video always will be.

    So shut down the laptop. Turn off the TV. Pick up the phone to make plans and do something that involves the physical world. We need to start caring for our minds, bodies, and relationships.

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