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Video: Students Donate To Blood Drive


Today we take a closer look at how your Prince George students are giving back to the community.

“The blood is used for all different types of patients. You have cancer patients. You have patients who have low iron. You have babies who are born premature. You have accident victims who have lost a lot of blood.”

“The process of getting your blood drawn is: first you go through registration, where they will pull you up in the system to see if you are eligible to donate or not, and once you make it through registration you go through our screening process. You have to get a mini-physical done and it asks you a series of questions, and if everything works out there you are able to give a unit of blood.”

Junior Jeremy Macon participated in the blood drive this year.

“I guess I decided to donate blood because it was kind of interesting and I thought it might help someone one day,” Macon said. “I want to be an organ donor too so I thought why not donate blood? I have extra blood, what am I going to do with it? So I just gave it up.”

Macon explained the process that he went through.

“They take the little needle… that thing was huge… and they are just taking blood out of you. Your arm gets a little numb too cause you have to keep squeezing this little scrungy thing.”       blood drive from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

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