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Jernigan Relocates From Thomas Dale – he is in the midst of his first year of teaching at Prince George High School.

Aaron Jernigan teaches his fifth block US History class.

Fresh out of teaching at Thomas Dale High School,  Aaron Jernigan is in the midst of his first year of teaching at Prince George High School. Though Jernigan is teaching US History for the first time in Prince George, he has had experience teaching the subject at his former school.

Getting used to a new school can take some time, but Jernigan seems to be fitting in just fine.

“This school is much smaller than my last one, but people here are very welcoming,” Jernigan said.

At a young age, Jernigan knew that he wanted to become a teacher. Growing up, he had a bad coaching experience.  That experience helped inspired him to become an admirable teacher.

“I want to make sure the students I teach do not get treated the way I did. I will make sure they get treated better,” Jernigan said.

In high school, Jernigan played football and had a deep interest in history. In pursuit of his teaching career, he attended Virginia Commonwealth University and obtained a degree in political science.

Though Jernigan is a teacher, he is occasionally the person being taught. After teaching for years, Jernigan has learned a thing or two from his own students.

“I have learned a lot about patience, understanding, and listening from my students throughout the years. They really have taught me a lot,” said Jernigan

When he has free time, Jernigan enjoys hunting, fishing, coaching and spending time with his family. As a coach and former athlete, Jernigan also enjoys watching his favorite sport.

“I’m a really big Redskins fan!” Jernigan said.

Jernigan truly enjoys his job, and has a passion for what he does. If given a chance to do any other job in the world, Jernigan would not choose another.

“For me, the best reward that comes with teaching is just working with kids. Just seeing them succeed is reward in itself,” Jernigan said.

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