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    Homecoming Court: B.J. Knight

    By: Kadera Brown

    For  quarterback B.J. Knight, Friday night’s halftime huddle had to go on without him. Instead of being in the field house during halftime, Knight was on the track, minutes away from being announced Sophomore Prince. Still dressed in his football gear, Knight hurriedly ran over to the sophomore lineup.

    “When I lined up with the other sophomores, I was no0t really thinking about the whole thing. I was really thinking about the game, because I felt like I was playing how I really wanted to,” Knight said.

    Soon emotions were running high for Knight. As Knight’s name was called, he walked arm and arm with his mother down the track.

    B.J. Knight was escorted by his mother to receive his crown. Photo by Daniel Puryear.

    “All I remember while walking down the track  was everyone looking at me and my mom kept telling me she thinks we’re walking too slow, so basically we started speed walking,” Knight said.

    Once the entire Homecoming Court had walked down the track and was in place it was finally time to announce the winners. Focused on his surroundings, Knight was astonished when his name was called.

    “When my name was called for Sophomore Prince, I was both happy and a little caught off guard.  At the moment I was actually looking at some little kid running around,” Knight said.

    Excited about his Homecoming crown, Knight was still focused at the task at hand: winning the Homecoming game. He did not let his accomplishment steer away his determination.

    “Winning Sophomore Prince really didn’t change much. I didn’t really think about it once I got back on the field. I just really, really wanted to win the game,” Knight said.

    Knight is looking forward to next year’s Homecoming Court.

    “If it happens, it happens. I would mind [winning again] though, and it would cool to tell my kids, years from now, that I won Homecoming Court back to back,” Knight said.

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