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Skelton Switches Career Path – Melissa Skelton Would Have Never Guessed Teaching Would Have Been In Her Future

By Deborah Gardner 

With over four years of military background, Melissa Skelton would have never guessed teaching would have been in her future.

“When I was younger, my plan was to go into the military. College was not an option. I wanted to serve in the military,” Skelton said.

 For many people who have felt like college is not an option because of their performances during high school, the military sometimes seems very promising.

 “I was not the model student,” Skelton said.

 Skelton attended college at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina for her Business Education Degree. She then attended Virginia Commonwealth University for Special Education endorsements.

 In addition to teaching one science class, one math class, and one resource class, Skelton is also the interact club sponsor.

Melissa Skelton calls on a  student. Photo by Deborah Gardner.
Melissa Skelton calls on a student. Photo by Deborah Gardner.

 “Being a teacher, you have to be flexible,” Skelton said.

The teacher’s job is never done once they have graduated and gotten their teaching degrees. Teachers have a non-stop job of learning even as they teach, which makes it harder for some teachers that teach multiple subjects to have extra time outside of school to do extra things.

 “I do not have time to do a lot outside of school,” Skelton said.

 Teaching is more rewarding than troubling. in addition to getting an opportunity to changing the lives of many young people, you get to watch them transition into their futures.

“I enjoy making a difference in students’ lives and seeing them change and becoming young adults. Also, knowing I did my best in preparing them,” Skelton said. “I really do not have anything I do not enjoy about teaching.”

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