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    Winterson Follows Career Path of Brothers

    Warren Winterson, Chemistry teacher, lectures on the periodic table. Photo by Debra Thomas.

    Emory University graduate, class of 1973, Warren Winterson started his career as a teacher this month. Winterson has always wanted to be a teacher, and he is following the same career path as his two brothers.

    After graduating from Emory University, Winterson went back to school for his Master’s degree. As a Bucky Badger, Winterson graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1975.

    Going into the teaching career, Winterson expects many things from his students. Some of the best feelings for him come from the success of his students.

     “[I enjoy] when I see a student gets it,” Winterson said. “I find that a wonderful feeling.”

    Outside of school, Winterson enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. He enjoys gardening, learning about astronomy, and hiking. These are all peaceful getaways for when he is not teaching, grading papers, or assigning homework.

    Winterson came to Prince George not only because it was close to his home, but because he likes to surround himself with the kind of people that work in this school system. He describes them as “serious, but with a sense of humor.”

    While teaching, Winterson makes it a priority of his to connect with his students. One of the most important things to him is to make sure he listens to them as individuals.

    “They [students] all have something important to say,” Winterson said.

    Of course, for students, this is a great thing to hear. Students need to know that not only can they trust Winterson, but they know who they could go to to would listen to them.

    Winterson expects a lot from his career as a teacher, and he finds it a rewarding job. He is a teacher that  can be counted on to teach students, while he counts on students to work hard.

    “I expect my students to do great things,” Winterson said.




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