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    Mayes Begins Career in County

    Mary Mayes prepares for a lesson. Photo by Mallory Cox.


    Mary Mayes prepares for a lesson. Photo by Mallory Cox.
    Mary Mayes prepares for a lesson. Photo by Mallory Cox.

    Mary Mayes can be found in one of multiple classrooms throughout the day, switching from room to room in order to teach all of her Spanish classes.  She teaches both Spanish II and III and is just beginning her career in the county.

    “This is my first year teaching in Prince George,” Mayes said. “And I’m pretty excited.”

    Mayes spent her childhood in Dinwiddie County, where she still lives today.

    “I grew up in Dinwiddie, so I’m pretty used to driving at least 15 minutes to get anywhere,” Mayes said. “So the commute from there to PG isn’t too bad.  It’s worth it.”

    Before coming to teach for Prince George, Mayes had a different career path in mind.

    “I didn’t go to college to become a teacher,” Mayes said. “I went to college for Spanish, Political Science, and I minored in International Relations.  But while I was there I realized that a lot of the teachers I had had could teach the material but without the impact that made it really sink in to the students.  I thought that someone who enjoys and has passion for their subject could get it across better to their students.”

    Once she had made the decision to teach Spanish, the next step was to look for a job.

    “I knew some teachers here [in Prince George] and I heard they needed a teacher,” Mayes said.  “I thought it would be perfect for me, since I have a Spanish degree.”

    Although the school year has only just begun, Mayes is excited about the experience.

    “I’m enjoying teaching so far,” Mayes said. “The kids here are very nice.  There’s a large variety of students too, which makes things very interesting.”

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