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Dr. Johnson Fills Marketing Role – Along With Working In The Schools, Johnson Is A Pastor At Southside Community Church


After the loss of Coach Hettinger, Dr. Terry Johnson took the place as a marketing teacher. Johnson is in his first year as a marketing teacher, however he has been in the education department for many years.

Prior to taking his current job, Johnson worked as a long-term sub and homebound teacher for the Chesterfield County School System. Along with working in the schools, Johnson is a pastor at Southside Community Church.

“I received the calling to be in the ministry, which was an extension of my relationship with God,” Johnson said.

DrJohnson from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

So far Johnson is enjoying his job in the school and has felt welcome coming in.

“What I like about here is that every employee takes their job very seriously,” Johnson said. “I like how open they were to receiving me.”

As it can be a challenge to venture into any new change, Johnson has had to learn the ways of his new job. He came in with the expectation that he would figure things out along the way to meet the needs of the students and the criteria of the school.

“I have sought to learn to do things in association with Prince George and state laws,” Johnson said.

Of course not everything could be perfect.

“If I could change anything [about my job] I wish I could teach during ETEH,” Johnson said.

Outside of school Johnson enjoys relaxing. His dream vacation would be to the Caribbean to enjoy the ocean, climate, and sense of peace.

“Just being there would give me peace,” Johnson said.

He also enjoys watching football, especially the Dallas Cowboys.

“Don’t forget to add that my favorite team is the Cowboys!” Johnson said.

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