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Castellano Begins Teaching Career

By: Christina Buckles 

The math wing has acquired a brand new teacher this school year, Mr. Andrew Castellano. He teaches Algebra I and this will be the very start of his teaching career.

“I went to Liberty and studied math with a vague idea that I’d like to teach,” Castellano said.

Castellano received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, but he had a hard time choosing his career path.

“I started in Math but then went to computer science, and then to electrical engineering, and then back to Math,” Castellano said.

Just arriving two weeks before school started, it has been difficult for him to settle into teaching.

“It’s been up and down. Trying to become a teacher in the past two weeks has been challenging,” Castellano said.

Castellano Profile Picture
Andrew Castellano checks his Algebra I students’ work. Photo by Christina Buckles.

Before moving here to teach, Castellano lived up in Massachusetts and until a month ago in Appomattox, VA. He worked in construction for a while before he started teaching as well.

Outside of school, he is busy settling into his place with his wife.

“We spend time going out and looking for furniture or just get things to get the house settled in and just explore Petersburg. We try to go to a new restaurant every Friday night,” Castellano said.

Overall, Castellano enjoys teaching and the warm welcome he received coming into the school and the area.

“I just enjoy seeing anybody go from not understanding something to understanding it, and I guess the best part of teaching is to see that and knowing somehow you were able to make that happen,” Castellano said.

































































































































































































































































































































































































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