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Gerald E. Fouts, Jr. Memorial

On Fri, Apr. 5, junior Gerald Fouts, Jr. was killed in a car accident. He was with three other people, including his sister. Fouts, nicknamed Bubba, was a member of the class of 2014. The following are quotes from friends and teachers:


“I’ve only known Bubba since the beginning of the year, but the short time I did know him he left quite an impression. He was a great kid, relatively quite, but funny. I used to call him Slim Shady and he’d retort by calling me Immigrant. We’d entertain our breakfast table going back and forth trying to one-up one another. I’ll miss that kid. Who else am I going to rap with?”

Junior Bradley Smithson


“Gerald was a phenomenal football and frisbee player and was always really enjoyable to be around. I had a great time on the football field. He will be missed greatly.”

Junior William Bonnell


“Bubba and I grew up together, he’s like a brother to me and I’ll never forget him! He always made me smile and had a smile on his face! I love him miss him. RIP Bubba.”

Junior Victoria Miller


“Bubba was a really good friend of mine. I remember that he always had a smile on his face and loved to make people laugh. He would always listen to everybody and was just an amazing friend.”

Junior Samantha Barton


“I will always remember Bubba used to bring a bottle of ketchup to our lunch table, just so all of us would have enough.”

Senior Shelby Emerson


“Bubba was my best friend from 1st- 5th. He was like family. I love him and miss him like crazy.”

Junior Alexandria Wiseman


“Bubba was more than a best friend. The times we shared are more memories. He’s my saving grace. Bubba and I used to spend hours talking about everything under the sun or taking pictures in history. He’s still here with me, his smile will be forever engraved in my heart, soul, and mind. There are so many things I wished I had told him, but I know he hears me now. I love and miss you dearly, Bubba.”

Junior Jessica Cunningham


“Bubba was always a full person. There was never a dull moment when he was around. His smile lit up a room and he always kept a positive mood.”

Junior Savannah Hackley


“I knew Gerald Fouts and I had a few classes with him. He was always happy and in good humor. What I remember him most for was his amazing speed, precision, and craftsmanship in woodshop. He’d make a project look great, but when I’d try to replicate his work, I’d be left with splinters and cracked wood. Gerald was a great friend to me and many others and he will be missed. ”

Junior Adam Kyle


“I will remember Gerald Fouts as a student with impeccable character and a strong work ethic. He always greeted me with a smile and a kind word. His manners were of a caliber I seldom see anymore. In regards to his schoolwork, he exhibited a positive attitude and a desire to learn- a recipe for success. He will be missed by many.”

English Teacher Sonya Lee

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