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TRN Media Journalists Attend SIPA, Win Scroggins Award


By Korrina Smith

Senior Kristen Schwalm, junior Courtney Taylor, junior Carolina Bae, and senior Tasia Faulcon display the staff awards presented to them in a ceremony which closed the weekend at SIPA 2013.

This past weekend four TRN journalism students traveled to South Carolina to take part in the SIPA journalism conference.  The students partook in a series of classes on specific topics related to all areas of student media.


“SIPA sessions were very informative,” senior Tasia Faulcon said.  “We learned things such as going beyond the basics of interviews, how to create a great lede, and design tips that could potentially make our publication look better.”


Junior Courtney Taylor presented a lesson on sports podcasting.


“This was my second year attending SIPA,” Taylor said.  “Being able to present this year made it all the more worth while.”


Another part of attending the conference is participating in team bonding activities.


“We learned the importance of staff bonding,” senior Kristen Schwalm said.   “Some staffs even take it to the extreme like going white water rafting.  I think our staff should have a day where we all get together and do something that does not have to do with newspaper.”


Friday night’s opening keynote speech was given by CNN journalist Stephanie Gallman.  Gallman offered the advice that “In this business it is not who you know, but who knows you.”  She continued with that theme throughout her speech to the students and stressed establishing their presence online with a blog early in their career.


On the last day of the conference, winners are selected from All-Southern publications. Trophies are presented to the most outstanding broadcast, magazine, newspaper, online and yearbook entries. The award is the top award any staff can receive at the conference. This is the first year that SIPA has presented an award in online media. was announced as the winner of the Scroggins Award for Best SIPA Online Media.


Dr. Scroggins became the dean of the college of mass communications as The University of South Carolina in 1965. During his tenure, he oversaw continued growth of the master’s program. He also was the leading force in bringing the Southern Interscholastic Press Association to the University of South Carolina. Scroggins continued to support scholastic journalism throughout his lifetime and was awarded SIPA’s first Distinguished Service Award in 1979.

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