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Guidance Counselor Shares Advice on Eating Disorders

By Genevieve Perez

A secret inside that a person could keep is the fact that they have an eating disorder. Teenage boys and girls go through anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders in high school. All eating disorders are very deleterious to your health, but anorexia is more common.

“There are different reasons that this is brought on, this is a problem,” guidance counselor Nancy Odum said, “It is not usually the root of a problem, it is the symptom of another problem and it usually deals with some type of control.”People from around the world mostly connect anorexia or bulimia with females. The third most common chronic illness is anorexia rather than bulimia because of the physical effects. The truth of matter is that anybody can become a host for these two knowledgeable disorders.

“I have not had many students in this school show signs of eating disorders, but in the previous school I worked for I did have a few students,” Odum said. “My worst case was actually from a male student.”

According to, about seven percent of boys from the fifth grade up to the twelfth grade are reported to have binging or purging habits in America.  Young minds are participating in these eating disorders because they see them selves as an overweight being. Distorted images of them selves in their own heads because of the ‘beautiful’ people splashed across magazines.

“I absolutely do believe that the media plays a huge role in this,” Odum said. “What young adults do not always realize, is that so much of the models air brushed and photo-shopped.”

In a written online article supported by, bulimia can result for the esophagus lining  can be torn down with the acid from each purge, and the enamel from your teeth can deteriorate.  For anorexia, the damaging results are permanent calcium loss for your bones and dehydration. Dehydration can cause you to have kidney stones, or kidney failure, which may result with the loss of life.

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