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Student Aspires to be Aeronautical Engineer

Engineer and scientist; two completely different careers, right? Although they appear to be on opposite sides of the spectrum, engineers are actually considered scientists in their own way. They apply math and science to help create products and solve problems to benefit mankind.The week of Feb. 18th is known as Engineering Week. Sophomore Andrew Nall, an aspiring aeronautical engineer, has worked in school to help. Nall has been taking advanced classes so as to prepare himself for college, and bring him closer to his goal.

An astronautical engineer works with the science, design, and construction of air and spacecraft.

“I want to obtain a degree as an aeronautical engineer to lead me to my goal as an astronaut,” Nall said.

Nall also attended a space camp to prepare him for this. Since he was in the 7th grade, Nall has known that he wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. Getting this degree will require him to get 5-6 more years of schooling.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, or ERAU, is where Nall plans on reaching his goal. For the past two years, he has wanted to attend this university in Daytona, Florida. Both his father and his uncle graduated from ERAU.

Nall has high aspirations in the field of flying. He plans on designing new aircrafts and space ships. He hopes his efforts will benefit NASA, and possibly bring the program back. With cost efficient design and materials, he hopes on accomplishing space travel at a much cheaper expense.

“I want to start as an aeronautical engineer to bring back the space program with a new form of transportation to the outside world,” Nall said.

Not only will he design spacecraft, but as an astronaut, he plans on riding in it.

“It would be a great achievement if I could be the first person on Mars,” Nall said.


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