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After 36 Years Bus Driver Still Loves Job

After 36 years Betty Rhodes still loves her job as a bus driver

By Sarah Daniel

Driving around Prince George County picking up hundreds of kids every morning and dropping them off in the afternoon is something that bus driver Betty Rhodes has become used to.

She has been driving the bus for 36 years and still loves her job.

“I enjoy being with my kids, I like my job, and I like the people that I work for,” Rhodes said.

For 36 years Rhodes has driven bus number 42 this year she received bus 18. Although the bus number changed, Rhodes drives most of the same kids every year. She enjoys talking to the children’s parents and also her co-workers.

“[My favorite part is] all the people that I’ve met over the years that I would not have met if I wasn’t a bus driver,” Rhodes said.

Transportation Director Ron Rhodes thinks very highly of her as well.

“She is a very dedicated employee and she is always at work,” R. Rhodes said. “She really cares about her kids, and if we had more bus drivers like her we would have a lot less problems.”

Rhodes is also very family-oriented. Every Sunday she has lunch at her house for the entire family. With three daughters, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, Rhodes loves spending time with all of her family.

All seven of her grandchildren have ridden her bus for most of their school years.

Driving the bus is not the only thing that she is well known for; she and her husband, Claiborne Rhodes are also known around the county for their large display of Christmas lights and a train room during the holiday season. They have won multiple first-place awards for their wide display of lights.

Her husband’s train room display is definitely something one can not forget. Filling nearly an entire room, his trains are something he takes pride in and enjoys working with them.

Some of these displays include a nativity scene, a ferris wheel, and many other Christmas lights.

This will be the first year that they did not display all of their Christmas lights, but the train room is still be up and running.

Rhodes enjoys her job and would not change anything about it.

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