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Christmas Town Brings Holiday Spirit

“It’s the spirit of the season, you can feel it in the air,” especially when entering the festive light-filled Busch Gardens Christmas Town. Open select days between November 30th and December 31st, Busch Gardens Christmas Town is filled with thousands of lights and holiday attractions that have been drawing families to their gates since 2009.
“We went to Christmas Town the first time because we thought it would be really cool and fun,” sophomore Haleigh Edwards said.  “We went friends that have gone before and they told us they really enjoyed it last year, so we went.”
Photo By Kristen Schwalm

Do not forget the tickets as you enter the turnstile into the England section of the park, and make sure to bring a season’s pass for a discount.  In England one can stop by the various shops or visit the Globe Theatre’s showing of A Sesame Street Christmas. Before leaving enjoy a treat at The British Baker or a burger at Squire’s Grill. Continue on into Scotland where one could see the Highland Stables and then witness the first Noel during Gloria located in Ireland. Be sure to stop and have an intimate fireside dinner with Santa. Carefully cross the railroad tracks into France, where Ice Palace: A Penguin Paradise can be spotted. This attraction, which inhabits almost a dozen warm water penguins, is one of the many things sophomore Megan Sayre hopes to see on her first trip to Christmas Town.

“I heard they had penguins there and I’ve never seen penguins before, so I think it will be pretty cool to see at my favorite amusement park,” Sayre said.

A day could be easily spent in the Penguin Paradise attraction, if the smell of Trappers Smokehouse wasn’t transporting guest to New France. After eating some of the succulent barbecue ribs in New France have a walk down to the North Pole and see Saint Nick himself in his workshop. He might even allow a photo opportunity. Enter Oktoberfest and try to find that perfect gift for loved ones at Mistletoe Marketplace. Save some money to purchase a hearty meal from Das Festhaus while singing along to Deck The Halls. On the way out keep a lookout for the Busch Gardens tree lighting, O Tannenbaum or brave the black forest on Verbolten. After crossing the bridge to Italy experience a miracle in Miracles or dine on some artisan pasta from Ristorante Della Piazza. Close the night by feasting the eyes on the dazzling lights on Polar Pathway. Theres just too much to do in one one night, but the experience will leave an impact on your entire family.

“The experience meant a lot, because Christmas is a big holiday for my family,” Edwards said.

Sophomore Cooper Stegmann plans on returning this year and recommends others do too, but he did notice some negatives on his previous trips.

“It’s fun if you like Christmas stuff, but if you don’t no because there weren’t many rides open,” Stegmann said.

While Stegmann was disappointed by some aspects of Christmas town, Edwards and her family found no faults.

“I would recommend others go because the lights and sights are awesome to see and it is a very fun place to go during the Christmas time,” Edwards said.

Busch Gardens Christmas Town is wonderful place to go during the holiday season and has become a premier destination for travel and family traditions.

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