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Seniors Depend On Guidance For Application Help

Guidance Counselor Nancy Odum works with senior Mariah Hunter on her college application process.

By Devan Fishburne

Senior year is a rush of emotions, filled with all the opportunities most people only get once. Many seniors feel swamped when it comes to even thinking about applying to college. That is why going to talk to a guidance counselor about early admission may be the perfect choice for some seniors.

“You can finish [applying to colleges] early and enjoy your senior year,” Guidance Counselor Nancy Odum said.

Early admission is the best option for those who know what school they want to go to, and though according to Odum many schools have stopped doing this it is, in her opinion, an option that can lift the burden of college applications off of the shoulders of students. The guidance counselors are always ready and available to help with this process, all one has to do is go see a counselor. Then they can help narrow down the field, find a college that has that field, as well as help you through the application procedures.

“Guidance counselors know the ins and outs [of applying to college] and it’s just nice to have an extra pair of eyes,” Odum said.

Early admission deadlines may start on Nov. 1, and many end in the middle of December.

“You should have started, if not – get moving,” Odum said.

All one needs to apply for early admission is an application, SAT scores, transcripts, and possibly letters of recommendation. All of these can be put together and mailed through guidance, however now it can also all be done online.

The Guidance Counselors are expecting to help twenty-five to thirty kids by the November first early admission deadline, but they don’t encourage anyone to rush to make the deadline. Odum’s advice to students who are trying to meet the deadline is that it is alright.

“Just get your stuff together and make the next deadline,” Odum said.

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