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Co-Editor in Chief Describes Club Picture Day

Co-Editor in Chief Melissa Tomlin checks a student’s club card before allowing him to enter.

By John Shumar

In November, there is Thanksgiving, Christmas preparation, and club picture day.  This last event showcases the capturing of each club’s members in a fast pace day of club card checking and name recording.  This process is not easy.  With clubs constantly coming to get their pictures, it is essential to make sure no one slips into a picture without the proper pass.

“The most stressful job is being a “bouncer”, which is another word for the members of the staff who check the member’s club cards before they can be apart of the picture,”  Yearbook Co-Editor in Chief Melissa Tomlin said. “We have to do this because people want to get into pictures of clubs which they are not apart.”

Gang signs, goofy faces, tongues and rude gestures are not allowed in a club picture.  Sometimes this rule breaking act requires staff members to be strict.  Getting every club’s picture is a tight process; there are not time for disruption.

“The only incident we had during the day was Mrs. Heath having to call out two guys for doing inappropriate hand gestures,”  Tomlin said.

Although this day is stressful, it is not all gloom and doom.  In fact, it is a day of memories and good times as well.

“My favorite part is when we take our own group picture and when we figure out who are littel brother or sister will be,” Tomlin said.

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