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Sophomore Class President Deals with Large Class Size

By: John Shumar
After the pep rally on September 7th, no longer was it a secret; the sophomore class is simply bigger.  Upon entrance into the pep rally, one saw the left side of the gym occupied by the class of 2013 and 2014.  On the right, a sea of sophomores occupying the majority of the bleachers, with the proud royals band sitting closer to the rest of the student body than ever before.
“We are definitely overcrowded,” Sophomore President Jessie Honaker said.
Typically, each sophomore class is larger than its predecessors.  With Ft. Lee undergoing massive expansion (38% of the military now trains there), a number of military students are adding to class size.  The current class of 2015 is 509 students strong, while the class of 2013 is 441.  With this many students, class presidents are having to figure out a way to incorporate more ideas and get more students involved.
“I want them to participate in school activities and SGA events to voice their ideas,” Honaker said.  “I want to get people to represent their school more and to be proud that they came from Prince George.”
There are a lot of major differences between Clements and the high school.  Adjusting to class rigor, new teachers, and a completely different building are all challenges that sophomores have to face.

“We were on top as 9th graders at Clements but then we came to the high school and it was a new start, new faces, and a new school,” Honaker said.

The kickoff for every new class is the Hot Topics rally.  It is there that a class President has the first opportunity to address their entire class as high school students.

“I was a little nervous but once I started talking, I got into it,”  Honaker said.  “Their response was good so that encouraged me.”

Many challenges lay ahead for sophomores while working towards their goals.  However, it is the journey that counts the most.

“Have a good sophomore year,” Honaker said. “You only have your sophomore year once.”

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