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Mother’s Day Celebrated on May 13


By Christina Buckles

On the morning of May 13, mothers get to stay in bed and children surprise them with gifts. Mother Day has been a reoccurring holiday for hundreds of years.

According to, Mother’s Day originates from Europe in the early 1600s. It was at first just a day to honor the Mother Church but then it was opened up to actual mothers later on. This was a day where there was celebrating and honoring of mothers all around.

It specifically originates from England. When the settlers traveled to the New World, they didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day since it was a British church tradition and they wanted nothing to do with it. Later in the 1800s, Mother’s Day began being celebrated once again and has lived on. Mother’s Day is two weeks into May every year; on this day mothers around the world are given gifts and are surrounded by loved ones.

Many people appreciate their mom and love them dearly. There are different ways to show appreciation to them; flowers can be sent, taking them out, or even spending the day with one’s mom shows affection and appreciation. Some students and a teacher have shared how they show affection and love on this day.

Junior Caleb Johnson does many things for his mom on this special day and shows his affection for his mom.

“Usually my dad covers the flowers part so I make her a card and tell her how much I love her and how thankful I am for her,” Johnson said.

On this day they also go to church.

“There’s a special program towards mothers and it’s a time for us to talk about our mom; she would get more flowers,” Johnson said.

Johnson spends time with his family and especially his mom to make her day amazing.

“Mother’s day is really special day and it’s the day that you do what you’re supposed to everyday but you only do on Mother’s day because it’s Mother’s day. I love my mom a lot,” Johnson said.

P.E. teacher Lisa MacDaniels spends her time with her family on this day.

“On mother’s day usually we have dinner, my husband will fix dinner for me, and my daughter, my husband, and myself will hang out as a family,” McDaniels said. “I’m not big on having to go out and do anything, so I like being at home.”

Junior Amanda Terry and her family put thought into their gifts for her mom on Mother’s Day.

“One year we made this box full of little things that said Mother’s Day on it, things like free spa coupon and things we could do for her,” Terry said.

Terry also helps throw a party just for mothers that include fun activities.

“We normally have a big party at my house because we have a farm and four wheelers. It’s really fun and it’s for all mothers, there’s even cake,” Terry said.

This year, they’re mixing it up just a little bit.

“This year, my dad is taking my mom out,” Terry said.


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