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Former Students Return to Tell All

Graduates (left to right) Aidan O’Hare, Dana Peagler, Lauren Core, Lindsey Story, Wesley Boylard, Jessie Campbell, Becca Earnhardt, and Todd Moore speak to the students about the college experience. Each January alumni return to offer advice. Photo by Emily Gray.

By Olivia Tritschler

On Fri. Jan. 6th, eleven graduates revisited the school to give tips to juniors and seniors who are getting ready for college. They reflected on their first semester, their difficulties finding a balance between class and freedom, and the high school activities that they were thankful they had in preparation.

The alumnus finished their first semesters of classes while attending different colleges located in Virginia. Lindsey Story’s favorite part of attending VCU is the Richmond environment while Colby Eliades enjoyed the diversity seen on the George Mason campus.

When asked what they did in high school that prepared them for college, the former students agreed that the AP and Dual Enrollment classes were a big help. Also they believed that getting credits before college helped to cut out some of the freshman courses in college.

The graduates ended the information session by going through with a list of the most important things they have learned. Here is a do and do not list of items they believed to be important.

Do keep notes.
Don’t procrastinate.
Do set rules with your roommate.
Don’t room with someone you know in high school.
Do put yourself out there.
Don’t over commit to groups and organizations.
Do pick something to focus on.
Don’t forget homework if you have a job.
Do be up front with your managers about your schedule.
Don’t be a slacker in group projects.
Do the readings.
Don’t forget to plan.

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  • B

    Bradley CooperMar 23, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    As being a part of the audience, I got to listen to a vast amount of topics involving college. These topics were very informative and included rules, work load, dorm life, and social life. It’s important for me to have someone who is experiencing college telling me about the environment versus a website or a member of the alumni.

  • M

    Matthew SchneckMar 18, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Luckily, I was granted the opportunity of attending this quite informative event. As I was seated in the crowd, I learned an extensive amount of first hand information that many of these students learned the hard way. It is great that these students took time out of their busy schedules to come share their experiences with us soon to be college students. The article is very effective as it brings forth many of the lessons learned by these Prince George alumni.