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Writer Tiana Kelly

Writer Tiana Kelly
By Aaron Raines
Tiana Kelly is a bright sophomore with smiling eyes, and a friendly face. Small in stature, Kelly is the last person you would expect to get angry. One might compare Kelly to a lamb due to her meek nature, but when it comes to defending her sister she’s as mighty as a lion.
Kelly’s younger sister; Jasmine is in the fourth grade, and looks up to her older sister. Once when Jasmine came home in tears, Kelly marched to the bus stop to straighten things out.

“Who is talking about my sister?” sophomore  Kelly said.

The children were all stunned by the usually quiet girl who was now extremely intimidating. Kelly cares so much about her sister because of the role she plays in her life. Kelly helps her sister with homework, makes her dinner, and even comforts her at night. Kelly’s relationship with her sister causes her to hurt when Jasmine does.

“It hurts me to see my sister cry, when she cries I want to cry too.”

When she isn’t being a super sister, Kelly spends her days in the kitchen. Kelly loves to cook. Her favorite thing to make is pumpkin rolls; a dessert she makes with her mother on Thanksgiving. Jasmine’s favorite dish that Kelly makes is fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

Although she would make a great chef, Kelly’s goal is to host red carpet events and broadcasts. Kelly has set goals for what she wants in life and just how to get it. Now enrolled in Print One Journalism, Kelly also hopes to be a successful photographer, as well as journalist.

Focused on her dreams, Kelly still makes time for family. The recent hurricane reminded her how important family is. While in the dark, due to the power outage Jasmine cut her arm on an old basket. Jasmine had bled a huge amount before anyone knew she was injured.

Thankfully Jasmine recovered after getting eight stitches. Kelly thought of all the other possibilities. Now whenever Jasmine is being a pest Kelly is more tolerant; realizing her sister could be gone any day.

“It made me realize how much I love my sister, but sometimes she needs a beating,” Kelly said.

Kelly is young and ambitious, yet very humble. Like most people she strives for success to obtain the finer things in life. While taking that journey to success Kelly never forgets to help out her family along the way.

“Family is the most important thing, you never know when they could be gone,” Kelly said.

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