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Writer Faven Butler

Writer Faven Butler 
By Leah Holliday
With one hand on the door, the thought of only one more first day after today in her mind, Faven Butler, is happy to see her friends as she walks through the door.
“The best day of school for me is the first day because everyone is happy to see all their friends and wondering who is going to be in their classes,” Butler said.

This social and dedicated student at our school is always ready to help a friend in need.

“It’s easier to talk to your friends about your problems because you can relate to them more than a teacher or parent. I listen to my friends and they listen to me in return,” Butler said. “Danielle Duncan has always been a great listener; I know I can always talk to her about anything.”

Butler has dedicated much of her time towards volunteering in her community.

“The best part of community service is seeing the appreciation on their faces when the job is done,” Butler said..

In her spare time, Butler enjoys reading fiction books. Her favorite series of books are the Vampire Academy series.

“The interesting books are always the ones with the stories that aren’t real,” Butler said. “There are no boundaries when you’re reading fiction books. You never know what might happen and you have to expect the unexpected.”

Butler is a hard working student trying her best to prepare herself for the future. Her goal is to continue her education after high school and become a pharmacist.

As a fellow student, Faven continues to strive for the best in whatever she does.

“High school is one of the best experiences in your life. I want to make these last two years count.”

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