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Writer Casey Overton

Writer Casey Overton

By Chandler Shirer

On a Monday night, after sophmore Casey Overton has finished all of her homework, she likes too watch television shows. When she isn’t watching tv you might find her in her room writing.

Her favorite TV shows are Scrubs, The Nanny, and World’s Dumbest.

Casey greatly appreciates her freedom in America.

“A lot of other countries don’t have the freedom like we have,” says Overton.

Casey loves writing and when she grows up she wants to write a book. Her book is going to be fiction. She likes to be inspired by what she reads.

“It’s something fun I do for myself.” Says Casey.

Casey wants to go to college but she doesn’t know where yet. After college she wants to own something outrageous that she can just show off in her house.

“I want people to be amazed at my outrageous thing.” Says Casey.

Casey absolutely dislikes doing pointless things especially for her mom. She hates when her mom asks her to make her bed in the morning.

“I think it is pointless to make my bed in the morning if i am just going to get back in it at night.” says Overton.

Casey also gets very annoyed with obnoxious people.

In her free time Casey loves to spend time with her family and friends. Which is what she appreciates most in life.

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