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Women’s History Month Profiles: Principal Tracey Smallwood


By Ridhi Patel

Principal Tracey Smallwood walks down the hallway offering a smile to those who pass by. As her top priority, she cares deeply about all the students and teachers at the high school.

She was inspired to become a principal because she has always worked in the education field. Smallwood was first a teacher, then she felt the need to contribute more. She wishes to lead the students, teachers, and parents by helping them in any way she can.

“My greatest accomplishments are my children and being a mom,” Smallwood said.

Throughout her life she has looked up to role models, like her mother. Her mother has always been a working mom, having to manage work and raising her children. Both of her grandmothers were also there for her. They taught her to stand up for what she believed in and to be an honest woman.

“Being able to have an opinion heard and be part of the political process is important,” Smallwood said.

When she was younger, her dad would make sure she worked to her full potential. Her parents have always been there for her. They supported her when she worked towards receiving her master’s degree.

“My parents believe in me and support me,” Smallwood said.

Smallwood’s view on women today is that they have the ability to do whatever they can do when they have the opportunity to do it. She believes women have more respect, compared to the past. Women have just as many career options as men.

“They need to believe in themselves,” Smallwood said.

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  • H

    Haseena Abdur-RahmanMay 12, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    I like how we have a woman’s profile and we get to see the personal side of Mrs. Smallwood. I love how her view on women today is that they have the ability to do whatever they can do and how women have more respect, compared to the past.I see this as a positive influence to women everywhere.

  • D

    Diana OwensMay 6, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    I love the whole fact we have a women profile. I wonder who will be next. The profile gives us a quick overview of the important women. The profile may even give us information never knew. I like the way they dug deep to get answers.