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Treasured items hold high sentimental value


By Amanda Majewski

When the New Year kicks off everyone has a new beginning. To start off the New Year most people are thinking about brand new memories, but some do not ever want to let go of the old memories. Little treasures that they have kept remind them of big memories and the best of times.

Treasures can be found in many places, and some are found out in the open.

“I have my treasures all around my room so everyone can see what means the most to me and what I am all about,” junior Christina Pack said.

As for others they are hidden away for safekeeping. In sophomore Abria Humphries’ closet you can find her dance treasures.

“I got a medal for dance when I was little. I also really treasure my dance outfits, they are so pretty and remind me of when I used to dance,” Humphries said.

Then there are some people that do not ever want to throw their treasures away.

“I have a bunch of Hess cars and trucks that are a little used and run down from when I was younger, but they bring back great memories,” senior Autrey Jackson said.

Another type of treasure keeper is the collector, the one who collects a certain thing and just always adds on to the collection.

“I have lots of different treasures, but my favorites are my Atlanta Braves hats that I started collecting when I was nine. I have 37 different ones and I am still adding
more to my collection. And I am still adding more to my collection, but I favor two hats out of them all, my very first one and the World Series brave win of ‘95,” Attendance Secretary
Monica Curtis said.

Each and every treasure that is special has a memory to go along with it that makes it so memorable.

“My favorite treasure with a very memorable moment is a picture of me and my best friend Sierra right before she moved to New York. We are hugging each other crying as we think about all of our good times together,” Pack said.

Humphries memories are of when she was younger and used to dance.

“The dance medal was one of the few memories of dance that I enjoy. It was also one of my first medals so it means a lot,” Humphries said.

The collector, Curtis, has Atlanta Braves hats that each hold their own memory.

“The best memory I have is getting my first hat for Easter from my dad. This is where my collection first started,” Curtis said. “It always brings joy to me when I can find a new hat to add to my collection.”

Everyone has a keepsake or a treasure that is special to them, but might not mean anything to anyone else. It is something sentimental that if lost, it would be like losing a part of themselves.

“If my treasure were destroyed I would be upset. All those memories I could never get back, but what I have left in my head that will eventually be forgotten,” Pack said.

Losing things that mean so much is hard to even think about. It is like a memory that would be lost forever.

“I would feel heartbroken. It would be like someone taking a very happy memory away from me that I could never get back,” Humphries said.

Collecting is an investment in time and effort. Losing the collection would be a collector’s worst nightmare.

“I would probably cry. I would have to put in a lot more work especially since some designs might not be made anymore,” Curtis said.

Everyone should clean out their closet to discover the little treasures that bring back memories of the great times they had in the past. The treasures and memories that everyone wants to have more of to remember the future experiences.

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  • M

    Malikah WilliamsMar 13, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    I still really enjoy this article. It gives readers some very interesting and very unknown information.

  • M

    madison guidryMar 4, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    I can totally relate to this article. I still have every Barbie I ever owned And I have to sleep with a giraffe every night. The things people hold on to represent a part of their life and I think it is great people want to remember their past.

  • R

    Raya GirardMar 3, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Collecting trinkets is like getting to take a little piece of a certain or place or time with you. The item comes to represent a feeling of happiness. The best collections are the long lasting ones that you add to over the years. I have started collections and then lost interest in them because they were more of a phase. On one hand I feel sorry for people who don’t or can’t collect things and on the other hand I sort of envy them because they don’t have any clutter.