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PG Players Perform At VTA

PG Players Perform at VTA from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo. On Oct. 27th through the 29th, the PG Players took a roadtrip to Norfolk, VA to compete at VTA. They performed “Something I’ll Tell You Tuesday,” by John Gare. “VTA…


Drum Majors Lead Marching Royals

The clock ends for halftime as drum majors senior Ian Siemen and senior Ben Skelton lead the band to their positions. As they give the starting signal, the band begins to play while they stay in sync with each other….


Video: No Name Calling Week Engages Students

During the week of January 17th-20th, the Gay Straight Alliance worked in the commons during lunches to promote No Name Calling Week in trying to spread kindness throughout the school. No Name Calling Week from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo. “This…