PG Players Attend Virginia Theatre Conference

The PG Players perfected their newest play Was That You? for the Virginia Theater Association (VTA) competition for weeks. Finally on October 19th and October 20th, they got the...

Lunch Eliminates Fries

Senior Melony Jennings buys a school lunch with the new pricing from cafeteria worker Loraine Powers. One of the changes this year included meals not including fries. Photo by Ridhi Patel.

Student Takes Over You Tube

By Lindsay Pugh If one googles “beauty communities”, 80,800,000 results appear. Click on any one of these results, and websites on beauty advice, reviews for products, blog posts, and videos...

Pro/Con: Should Women Be Allowed In Combat Roles?

Leon Panetta has recently decided to lift the 1994 ban on women in combat roles. Writers Faven Butler and John Shumar debate this question.

DECA Reminds Students to Buckle Up

By Lindsay Pugh DECA’s seat-belt campaign began with a tragedy. Last year, a PGHS graduate, who had been a DECA member, died in a car accident. He was not wearing...