This I Believe… Gabby Whittington

Everything happens for a reason. You meet the people you meet for a reason. You experience the things you do for a reason. You achieve the things you do for a reason, and the things you don’t achieve also have a reason behind them.

This I Believe… Wayne Epps

How you act in a crisis shows who you really are. It is easy to be nice and friendly in good and stress-free times. Putting on a smile does not take much. But, when faced with a struggle or crisis, the layer of personality that one shows on a normal day-to-day basis washes away and a person’s true colors show.

This I Believe… Rachel Waymack

I believe how a person acts in a crisis shows who they really are. My grandmother showed me this when my grandfather died. My grandparents had been married for over fifty years when my grandfather suffered the stroke that killed him. Ever since that day I have know exactly what kind of person my grandmother is.

This I Believe: Ridhi Patel

I believe that you can't depend on anyone else; you can only depend on yourself!

Podcast: This I Believe by Carolina Bae

This I believe that miracles do happen. A coincidence of fate can change a person’s life. It stays with them forever. I am a miracle. My existence and my current...