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This I Believe

This is a series of personal reflections.

This I Believe: Love conquers all

https://soundcloud.com/user856939240/sydney-arnold-this-i-believe By Sydney Arnold Love conquers all, this I believe. Love is such a small, simple word. It is often paired with two other small, simple words and some throw them...

This I Believe… Wayne Epps

How you act in a crisis shows who you really are. It is easy to be nice and friendly in good and stress-free times. Putting on a smile does not take much. But, when faced with a struggle or crisis, the layer of personality that one shows on a normal day-to-day basis washes away and a person’s true colors show.

This I Believe… Ciara Ward

I never believed that money could buy happiness, until my mother convinced me otherwise. She always said that Benjamin Franklin was her best friend. She was a very moody shopper. When she was mad, she shopped. When she was sad, she shopped. And when she was upset, she shopped. Her motto was “If you aren’t going to make her happy, then Benjamin will.” Since I was a child I questioned whether shopping really changed her mood or if she could find true happiness at a store.

This I Believe… Rachel Waymack

I believe how a person acts in a crisis shows who they really are. My grandmother showed me this when my grandfather died. My grandparents had been married for over fifty years when my grandfather suffered the stroke that killed him. Ever since that day I have know exactly what kind of person my grandmother is.

This I Believe… Olivia Tritschler

Life isn’t fair. This is a commonly used line by parents and children alike. Often used when one has to do something they would rather not do, or when one cannot do something they want to do. But these words hold truth.