Showcase Spotlights Dance Team

As the family and friends shuffle into their seats, the dance team nervously awaits to hit the stage. With their costumes neatly tailored and makeup perfectly applied, the music begins and the show starts. This year’s showcase for the Royalettes…


Glance Into Lives Of Military Children

When you hear the term military brat, you immediately think of someone whose parents are in the armed forces but are very spoiled. But really, a “Military brat” is a child of a parent or parents who are active-duty in…


Royal Life Promcast

Senior Matteo Reed talks to senior Caleb Round about the 2017 prom to get a male perspective of the event. This years prom takes place on April 29 and starts at 8P.M. in Old Towne Petersburg.


Prom, After Prom Details Revealed

With the changing of the seasons, Spring brings many promising events. Two events that Spring has many Prince George students anticipating are prom and after prom. Many students and staff are excited for the occasions, already going out to buy…