Former Vice President Stops In Norfolk

Following his blowout win in South Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden stopped by Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia to rally support before Super...

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Rallies In Richmond

Presidents Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, speaks at the Arthur Ashe Center in Richmond to talk about his presidential campaign.

Graphic Imaging Gains New Equipment

On January 15th the Graphic Imaging department got a grant from the John Randolph Foundation. With this donation, Virtual Reality headsets and mini drones became a new addition to...

Political Science Club Holds Caucus

On Monday, February 24, the newly renewed Political Science Club held their first Democratic caucus. During the meeting, there were two of the...

IB Students Finalize End Of Year Projects

Five years of classes with the same people every year, vigorous projects, and a heavier workload finally comes to a close with the IB program’s final project.